About  ConnectMyVA

ConnectMyVA was brought into business with the thought of working with bustling professionals and entrepreneurs and lending a hand to make their life much simpler. Our vision lies in engaging with the top pioneers across a wide range of industries. Serving clients in finding the right composure in turn resulting in more yield in a short time by logical assistance with skilled and committed subordinates both professionally and personally has been our main aim. For a Virtual Assistant to manage the everyday routine of an entrepreneur or in need of an assistant for the corporate CEOs and executives, we are best suited for the job. Apart from professional assistance, our services extend to providing one’s virtual assistants as well.

ConnectMyVA came into the picture by four companions, who were working with distinct clients and contrasting industrial sectors. The idea of implementation came into light when these companions more or less best friends discussed the necessary things to take forward all the business-related tasks under one platform. And that’s how ConnectMyVA became a reality.

After being full of vim and vigor across social networking sites, we enlarged our links and alliances with a variety of business people across the globe. Initially starting with a quartet, we are consistently emerging into a larger network by serving our business clients with the best suited professional assistants with skill and mastery to handle different types of tasks as per requirements. Whether it is a simple data input or knotty problematical task, our VAs are here well-trained to handle it all.

Our Trademark

Top-class Virtual Assistants


Our VAs provide you with clear-sighted results to step up your line of work and give back your time

Secure Environment

Every data you share with our organization is priceless and is secured in our CRM with controlled access to VAs

Skilled Professionals

ConnectMyVA hires talented graduates across the globe with the tendency to learn and transfer for assistance

Complete Trust

We are a trusted brand with 100% gratification to our clients. And, also with an additional prospect to analyze the efforts


 ConnectMyVA Innovative Virtual Assistance provides realistic solutions for modern business.

Safe & Secure

 Your Data is the Heart of our Organization and it will be kept saved in our crm with limited access to assistant

Real People

We hire graduates for assisting with a range of transferable skills, and eagerness to learn and develop

100% Guarantee

A 100% satisfaction guarantee not only guarantees that the customer will be happy, but also guarantees that you’ll get another chance evaluate effort

Reliable Business Support

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your business

The Difference

Efficiently Working time against clock-in

Generally, an employee wastes the maximum of his work time by just goofing off in the smart world with extended breaks in between. And, even gets paid for the work he didn’t do. This wasted money could be utilized just by designating your tasks for VAs.

Traditional Employee
Virtual Employee