Build Strategies with your Virtual Assistant

Always build and maintain a cordial relationship with your VA. A virtual assistant is the one who provides business services to clients and aids them in organizing their business by finding suitable frameworks for their system operations. Virtual Assistant understands all your business administrative tasks and delivers tremendous results by much more efficient planning and operation. This will certainly give an added edge in the ever-changing market.


Understanding Strategies


Build-Strategies-with-your-Virtual-AssistantStrategies are just a plan of action or a standard procedure developed by a ConnectMyVA virtual assistant to achieve long-term goals for various clients and business domains. Our virtual assistants develop this set of actions based on the client’s requirements and instructions by functioning simultaneously with them. This will become the SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) for all future projects.

A client must also join forces with their virtual team, assign work, and track performances to gain more work efficiency with lesser errors and negligence. Investing a short amount of time at the start for outsourcing tasks to a team working remotely and separated from your business will yield you significant results with more work precision. This will enable you to focus on the key fundamentals of your business.

We, ConnectMyVA have implemented a handful of strategies with our clients to fruitful results. Here is the list of a few of those strategies.

  • Establishing a dynamic relationship with your VA with farsighted conversations
  • Make your VA understand your business outlooks
  • Solicit your suggestions persistently to accomplish your business aspirations.
  • Set up weekly & monthly review meetings with your VA by phone/Skype video chats to aware of the work progress
  • Showing gratitude & motivation to work hard
  • Set time limits for project/task completion with specific guidelines.
Client-VA Collaboration

As your VA works remotely, there is a probability of misconception in the work process. Delegate a task by which they can collaborate with your physical workforce at the office. This will make them feel like a part of your team and will also make certain that your moral standards and corporate values are conveyed aptly with your remote assistant. Being a client, you must also ensure of providing your VA with dedicated tasks with a proper working policy.

Reward your Assistant

Virtual Assistant offers both administrative and personal support to the client and also gets their works done on time. Your VA will save you much-needed time for all the important things you need to focus on your business. Rewarding your personal VA for their sublime performance will keep them motivated and faithful towards their client.

Sustain Long-term bond

It is one of the prime duties of the client to sustain long-term bonds with virtual assistants who are consistent and familiar with your day-to-day tasks by showing appreciation towards their hard work. This will save you a lot of time needed to employ & train a new assistant/staff member for an already existing process.

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