Latin Wedding Invitee Etiquette

There are a lot of details that start planning for a wedding, right from food to music to the location. But since you’re preparing a Latin marriage ceremony, there are many unique traditions that needs to be considered as well. From mis padrinos to lazo and aval, this article breaks down some of the most popular Latin marriage ceremony guest manners.

Although some of these events have very similar roots across Latina America, it has important to do not forget that these traditions vary by country. Inevitably, is up to the few to decide which of these factors might fit all their vision for the wedding evening.

For instance , in Mexican Catholic weddings it can be tradition for both the bride’s and groom’s parents to escort the bride over the aisle. Yet , in Argentinian and Chilean weddings, it is custom for only the bride’s father to walk her down the artery.

Additional unique etiquette elements include the infelice, in which family and friends put a string or perhaps cord around the couple to be a symbol of oneness. Sometimes it is done throughout the convite para uni? o or greatheartedness (wedding feast/reception) and is also a custom during the tejido de aquellas dos, when 13 gold coins called todos los arras are given as being a gift from los padrinos to symbolize unanimity.

It is also a good plan to wear a lengthy dress or perhaps skirt to a wedding as short dresses and pants are inappropriate for the purpose of the event. If you’re unsure about the dress code, direct for the wedding invite for further recommendations. Men ought to dress in a shirt and tie at the very least, nonetheless suits are preferred. Hats are not brought about male friends and brief shirts that reveal the arms ought to be avoided too.