Customer Service

Being a virtual assistant involves much more than just answering phone calls and setting up appointments. A modern virtual assistant can handle miscellaneous tasks from the supervision of a project to paralegal services. The capability of handling these services is achieved by them through knowledge and experience, which in turn can be very lucrative to their clients.

Hiring a virtual assistant with the proper skill set in accordance to your needs is very much essential for accomplishing your business goals. In case of the necessity of various customer services, one must distinctly quote their job request to find the right person for the task.

 ConnectMyVA offers a wide range of customer support services by virtual assistants and is not bounded to:

Any business begins by gaining new leads. And, maintaining a good relationship with the clients ensures long term benefits for a company. The highly qualified professionals of the customer relationship management team at ConnectMyVA will aid our customers in maintaining a good alliance with your existing clients while also building up new ones for your business.

ConnectMyVA’s professional experts are talented enough in setting up new leads for the progress of any business. They achieve instant leads through their valiant efforts and experience. Recruit a Virtual Assistant to strengthen your lead generation and escalate your business to greater heights.

Keeping a tab on client feedback and understanding their needs is an important aspect of customer interaction. And, Our customer service virtual assistants are proficient in handling the task.

Our virtual assistants under the customer service team can assist you with handling phone calls and addressing their queries. Maintaining a correlation by accompanying through telephonic interactions is an essential act of enhancing the mutual relationship with potential clients.

Responding to customer replies and emails has become a vital need in the modern world. Our experienced virtual assistants can make sure of never missing to assist them through emails. They are also prone to assist multiple clients through email interaction at once.