Supervising an Ecommerce business is one hell of a job. It’s too difficult to be a one man’s task as you need to run your business while also administrating your online shop. The task list is endless and outsourcing these tasks to virtual assistants will save yourself precious time which you can prioritize on more strategic matters. So that you can elevate your business and mount up earnings.

ConnectMyVA has an expert Ecommerce virtual assistant team which can handle multiple task list comprising

  • Customer Service (Phone, Chats, Email, After business hour support)
  • Order Processing (Order Entry, Shipping, Invoicing, Refunds)
  • Returns/Exchanges (Communicating via site/email, Set up Returns/Exchanges/Refunds)
  • Inventory & Stock Management (Tracking, Fulfillment centers and Warehouse management)
  • Product Archive Management (Update products, Format Images, New launches)
  • Marketing & Promotions (Digital marketing via SMS/Email/Social Media)
  • Strategic Planning (on Product launches, Market analysis, Inventory analysis, keyword research)
  • Feedback Governance (Complaints, Respond Reviews, Social Media engagement, Keep up online reputation)
  • Manage Finances (Account Payable/Receivable, Tax Preparation, Process Payroll)
  • End-to-End Storefront Management(eBay, Amazon Marketplace)
  • Business Process Optimization(Data analytics, Process improvement, Standard systems)