Executive Assistant

Executive assistants are unique than VA as they will be working for executives of corporate companies. They have the potential in assisting them with high-level administrative tasks prioritizing the events with effective time management. Executive assistants will also aid them in clerical works similar to PA or secretaries. ConnectMyVA executive assistants can make a profitable difference to a business or company by engaging in other duties such as market research, guiding employees and making travel arrangements for meetings, etc.,

Executive assistants conduct intense online and offline research working remotely for the diverse needs of top executives or chiefs of an organization.

  • Organize Executive’s schedule
  • Act as a representative for the executive in calls and meeting in their absence
  • Manage Office jobs
  • Document Preparation & Reviews
  • Briefing Presentations & Reports
  • Examine Data
  • Take care of Confidential info
  • Overseeing administrative assistants and workforce

Word Processors help you with creating and formatting reports, mailshots, newsletters, brochures, and maintaining audio & video content in standard formats, etc., by using different tools.

The call screener will be monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls on the client’s behalf and has to organize all data into key points for their day-to-day scheduling and business archives.

Executive assistants(EA) are well organized to give personal assistance by forming a to-do-list of tasks that needs your focus. Their sharp instinct in managing things for you will save precious time and also keep your head fresh.

EAs make sure you don’t waste any time and provide valiant information which will certainly contribute to your organization’s growth.

  • Calendar Management: Appointments Scheduling and set up reminders
  • Organize Emails: Prioritize & Screen Emails
  • Develop Testimonials for Business Presentations
  • Event and Product Launch Arrangement
  • Research and Memo Writing
  • Manage Personal Social Media Profiles
  • Compile and manage e-files
  • Compose and maintain reports
  • Systemization and maintenance of data
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Handle Purchases, Bookings & Payments.