Real Estate

ConnectMyVA virtual assistants can assist you in organizing your busy schedule and save your time. So that you prioritize your business proceedings and take it to the next level. Our VAs can

    • Manage Listings (Pricing, Uploads, Tracking, Updating)
    • Prepare Reports & Compare (Pricing Rates, Property Ratings, School & Hospital Zone Ratings, Crime Rates)
    • Client Administrative support (Organize Inbox, Leads, Mailing Lists, Scheduling, Manage Feedbacks, CRM)
    • Posting Ads (Banner Ads, Commercials, Emails, Craigslist, Backpage)
    • Statements (Loans & Second Mortgages)
    • Property Administration (Pursue Rent, Manage Rent Roll, Prepare Invoices, Lease/Tenancy agreements, Coordinate with Service Providers)